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Guest Napper #165: Mezmerizing Mystery

Oh, yeah. It’s a SLAMMIN’ party, dogs. Our little dude here has found a way to beat the summer heat. His bed. A book. A smothering stuffed animal. All of it seems so relaxing! Scooby must certainly approve. How a guy can nap like this is certainly a mystery to me… Happy Friday!  

Guest Napper #105: A Dog’s Dream

One of my projects this summer has been to finally start using a compost bin. In fact, just yesterday I made a Brite about all the useful ways your pet can contribute to your compost. So how appropriate is it that Xander’s dad sent me this wonderful nap, wherein his loyal pup is waiting to …

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Culprit is Cornered

Nobody in my house will accept responsibility for the violence directed at this poor, snowy white stuffed dog. Even worse, nobody will take responsibility for the concurrent destruction of my Bobbi Brown lipstick.  BOBBI BROWN, ladies. You feel me? I go in search of the culprit and discover a potential suspect, who has holed up …

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Cozy Crevice

Got vertigo? I keep turning my head this way and that, and I still can’t figure out what angle I took this from. I think he’s waiting for rescue.  Puppy is alert. As his boy sleeps on.