This is a good one…

I stumbled upon this old video totally by accident, while posting the last Naps Happen video.  I had completely forgotten about it, which amazes me.  What could be better?

I think it was Allison at Motherhood WTF   (Edit: Nope – it was Kim at Let Me Start By Saying…sorry Kim!) who requested live footage of how naps “happen.”  What I am showing you here is a very early sign of what was coming, before the first nap I ever photographed even happened.

Important: The music is not a track I laid on.  It was in the room, coming from the keyboard muzak function.

Enjoy.  If you can stay awake.


9 Replies to “This is a good one…”

  1. He’s just like a Weeble! Weebles wobble but they won’t fall down. I do love how adamantly he protested the instant you tried to pick him up; “If you put me in bed, how will we have a good ‘Naps Happen’ post?!?” 😉

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