Naps Happen on the Road!

Sorry for the nap starvation diet, but my family just spent a gorgeous week in Maine. Of course you KNOW that the show goes on, regardless of location. Sheesh.

Not all the naps were funny, but this one sure was.

Porch Nap
Over a barrel…

I was inside the house when Dan ran in and hissed “get the camera!” It seems wee Cormac had so exhausted himself romping in the great outdoors that he threw himself over the porch end table and conked out.

Porch NapNo – wait – it’s some kind of crate for …stuff.  But definitely not for babies.

Porch NapThe piece you can’t see is that it’s about 60 degrees on this covered porch. Parents will be glad to know that I did move the ridiculous boy onto the couch and cover him with copious blankets. He had the deeply satisfying sleep of the great outdoors.


2 Replies to “Naps Happen on the Road!”

  1. Awesome. Love this time of year even if only for kids’ exhaustion. Wouldn’t you love to succumb to that kind of sleepiness whenever it struck? Of course, it usually strikes me at about 3PM while I’m driving with kids in the car…

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