Namaste, Nappers. Namaste.

Something is missing.  And it’s not the steam vac we’ll have to employ (once again) on this couch.

"Kitty" takes a nap

Where are the children?

Looks like William is applying himself, once again, to his yoga practice.  I see a block.  I see…uh…some kind of blankie prop.  And…is there a disc in yoga?  Methinks not.  This one is the upper level from our toddler cup rack.

But there’s more!

Wait! It's partner yoga!

Cormac is doing his own relaxation pose.  Isn’t that the BEST part of yoga, people?

Unauthorized snack prop

I’m not a yoga expert, but I don’t recall grilled cheese sandwiches being a sanctioned prop.  Send the karma cops.  My boys are breakin’ studio rules.

Peace out, people.  Peace out.

3 Replies to “Namaste, Nappers. Namaste.”

  1. I need to see how play time transitions to nap time with these guys. Are they both sitting and playing and suddenly overcome by sleep? Does one conk out first and then the other thinks it’s a good idea? Do they enter the area knowing they will end up asleep? And when they wake up, do they resume play as if nothing happened?

  2. Allison, usually they are playing games or watching TV and one of them will sort of keel over (sometimes he starts on the furniture and then rolls off and resettles himself) and then the other one will succumb a few minutes…or even a half hour…later. I’ve seen it happen upstairs.

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