Guest Napper #105: A Dog’s Dream

One of my projects this summer has been to finally start using a compost bin. In fact, just yesterday I made a Brite about all the useful ways your pet can contribute to your compost.

So how appropriate is it that Xander’s dad sent me this wonderful nap, wherein his loyal pup is waiting to finish off the boy’s abandoned (wasted!) toasted cheese sandwich?

Waste not, want not.

Good dog.

The sad truth is that, without a dog in our house and currently on a tiresome diet, I’d have been sorely tested in my efforts not to eat those toast bones myself. Yes, sirree.

I do love toast bones from grilled cheese. As a friend of mine recently pointed out, they are dieting kryptonite for moms.

What, you say you would never scavenge your kid’s abandoned grilled cheese?

I refuse to believe it.

At least compost that stuff.

Happy Thursday. May all of your sandwiches serve a purpose.



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