Guest Napper #102 – Olympic Dreams

I know this makes me a freak, but I was raised in a non-sports household. By that, I mean that despite the fact that my Dad was a manly military guy, we never, ever turned on a professional sporting event the entire time I was growing up. One time my parents accepted an invitation to a Superbowl Party to be convivial. When they got there, they appalled the rest of the guests by cheerily asking who was playing? Apparently, it was the local team. Or state team. Or whatever you say when your team is playing in the Superbowl.

Anyway, you get my point.

And now the Olympics are coming again and I brace myself for a summer in which I cannot escape constant discussions about every sport on the planet…and even some activities that are suspect as “sports.”

Lillin sent me this picture of Alexis. I am concerned that she is developing yet another tedious Olympic sport. Say it isn’t so!

So, you hit the ball with your head and then dive for the slippers…

Only I’m not sure if the Olympics allows sleeping as the final leg of a sport, so that could be (as we English majors are wont to say) “problematic.”

The committee will get back to you on this one, with a ruling. Just right after afternoon siesta.

By the way, we started a new blog! It’s called Dastardly ‘Do and it’s for all of you whose kids may only ever nap in their beds, but they wake up with world-class bed head. Check it out!

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