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Guest Napper #195: Downhill ZZZing

With the Olympics beginning, I’d like to revive my call to create an event for napping. We’ve had flexible nappers. We’ve had daring nappers. We’ve had multi-tasking nappers. Some naps just exceed our expectations. I call this original twist a TEN! I think this boy must have gotten one of those Sochi rooms that has …

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Guest Napper #102 – Olympic Dreams

I know this makes me a freak, but I was raised in a non-sports household. By that, I mean that despite the fact that my Dad was a manly military guy, we never, ever turned on a professional sporting event the entire time I was growing up. One time my parents accepted an invitation to …

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Stairmaster Throwdown

In the growing spirit of competition between my snoozing sons, Cormac has attacked William’s greatest asset. The stair nap. Boasting a move never before seen in the nap-o-lympics, Cormac has even attempted this challenging feat without props. ¬†As long-time fans know, William has executed two perfect stair naps before, but he’s always had help. Look …

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