Always Use Your Napkin

It’s been awhile since I sorted through my horribly disorganized photos to pull up a nap from one of my own sleeping angels.

This one came up today.

Elevate feet for relaxation.

Cormac takes a lot of naps on the couch these days (the rest are in other unmentionable places – don’t think for a moment that anyone is agreeing to nap in his bed. Puhleeze.)

The couch isn’t always exciting, sadly. But he does manage to crash in unexpected ways.

Use your napkin.

Like with a napkin by his head. Ha ha. Get it? NAPkin. Perhaps its laundry-fresh scent is canceling out the dirty sock he put near his nose.

Toddler feet. Still cute.


Wouldn’t it be nice to just put your feet up today and have a quiet afternoon snooze? Preferably without the Mama-razzi taking pics.

Here’s hoping you can enjoy a relaxing weekend. And don’t forget to use your napkin.

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