Guest Nappers #203 and 204: Positraction

Don’t you hate it how your kids never behave for you, and then they’re just perfect angels for NANA?

Because we all know children are sweetest when they’re asleep. Jeannette from Mommy Needs a Martini sent me this infuriating photo of her children, who seem to have walked through their Nana’s door and instantly and compliantly started to nap.'s that easy!

Because…it’s that easy!

Paying homage to My Cousin Vinny, I’d say “The two yutes, OH EXCUSE ME…the TWO YOUTHS” are guilty only of being present at the scene of this napping crime.

It’s all about the positraction, right? In this case, one wheel stayed on the ground and the other rode up on the couch. Still, they nap in perfect synchronicity.

And Nana ¬†thinks they’re easy to get to sleep. Wouldn’t you know? You’ll never hear the end of it.


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