Guest Napper #131: Wholly Wiped Out

Yotam has had a rough day.

If my experiences with curly Cormac are any indication, I suspect he had to suffer through exactly ten strangers touching his gorgeous locks in Whole Foods. And then mom took too long deciding between the organic produce and the organic produce and the organic…well, you know…he probably didn’t get any kind of super-sugary iced cookie there to keep him awake. Not at Whole Foods, Mister.

Carts soon to be equipped with reclining seats…

Buck up, little shopper. Maybe mommy will take you to a store with car carts next time.

10 Replies to “Guest Napper #131: Wholly Wiped Out”

  1. Thanks Alicia! This handsome dude is mine 🙂 He’s an excellent napper, as you can see… Unfortunately, a few months ago he insisted that we cut off all that gorgeous hair 🙁 growing up isn’t easy for a boy’s mama!!

    Keep up the good work, Alicia! LOVE your blog!

    1. We cut Cormac’s hair pretty frequently, but it springs back all the more mighty. I hope his curls are as strong. Thanks for sharing your picture!

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