Guest Napper #145: Conked Out on Cooler

So, my tulips are coming up.

I stand and scream at them, “Go back under the sheltering soil, you numbskulls!” But tulips are not the smartest of the flowers (I bet you didn’t know that?) and they persist in pushing their optimistic little leaves toward the warm sun. Too bad we’re getting another cold snap this weekend.

And it’s right about now that my boys start asking when we are going on our summer vacation. I see, however, I am not the only parents suffering this type of premature anticipation.

Imma sit here ’til you pack the car, Ma.

This girl is ready to go. She’s got her cooler. She’s got her…fork. Not sure I’d let my two kids in the back of our vacation car with a fork, but okay. Also, she has a folding stool, so perhaps there’s camping in the future.

There’s also a lot of napping in her future. And maybe chilled juice boxes.

You go, girl. Now, about those tulips…


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