Guest Napper #150: Computer Crashed

The D.C. area is about to experience SNOWQUESTER, so we’re all battening down the hatches here. Wegmans is like Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, because nobody wants to go through a 24-hour storm without a healthy supply of bananas. Potassium, apparently, is a vital need. Look what happened to Max, after all. You need to eat your fruit.

I want to caution all the commuters out there not to get caught at the office too late tonight! After all, COMMUTAGEDDON of January 2011 was no laughing matter. I personally know someone who was stuck on the road so long that she almost had to get out of the back seat of her carpool and pee by the side of the road.

The hard drive home or the hard drive here? Tough choice…


Also, on the other hand, you don’t want to get stuck at the office. That stuff is not comfy, people.

In other news, you crashed your computer searching Google, fools.

And don’t forget to wear both shoes when you go outside. Just a tip. Stay safe!




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