Guest Napper #163: Sandbox Snooze

If only, as parents, we could find the park so very relaxing. Julie from I Like Beer and Babies  sent me this very gritty-looking nap. Apparently, her daughter was so exhausted from outdoor activity that she crashed out in the pea gravel.

Child asleep in sandbox

Perhaps they made her build the swing set?

Yeah, see, that’s no sandy beach, people.

I guess, as a parent, there have been times when I would have planted my face on some pea gravel, if it just meant I’d have a 20 minute nap. I mean…right? Perhaps I should play dead like that next time my kids start acting up at the park?

It looks like the alarming toy star is keeping watch over her, so perhaps a parental nap is okay.  What do you think?





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