Guest Napper #178: Basket Case

Remember how I told that story about my cat squeezing himself onto the napkin basket?

Well…you know. I told you so.

It looks like people like to squeeze themselves into baskets, too.

girl asleep in basket

Looking at her, you might think she carefully chose this spot for her nap and then peacefully folded her hands and drifted off. Apparently, however, she was seen only moments before, dancing like a MANIAC (and she’s dancing like she never danced before…ohhhhh) right next to the basket. In the way of the small child, she must have suddenly realized her battery was dead and barely made it to a soft spot before hitting the snooze button.

Parents, do not despair that the nap will never come. In the words of the eternal Hall & Oates:

You work all your life for that moment in time
It can come or pass you by
It’s a push of the world but there’s always a chance
If the hunger stays alive

Keep faith in the naps. Keep the hunger alive, folks.


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