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girl asleep in basket

Guest Napper #178: Basket Case

Remember how I told that story about my cat squeezing himself onto the napkin basket? Well…you know. I told you so. It looks like people like to squeeze themselves into baskets, too. Looking at her, you might think she carefully chose this spot for her nap and then peacefully folded her hands and drifted off. …

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Guest Nappers #115 and #116 and Guy Who Is Awake

As you plunge into the seething tide of automobile-encased humanity on this fine Friday-before-Labor-Day-Weekend, I give you this retro nap submitted by a reader. There’s nothing I DON’T like about this scene. First of all, it reminds me of my many cross-country drives with my folks in the eighties, as my brother and I clawed …

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