Guest Napper #186: NapTime Ninja

So, both of my sons wanted to dress up as Indiana Jones this year for Halloween. Putting together the hat, utility shirt, brown pants, and even the satchel (which the 4yo calls his “man purse”) wasn’t too hard. I still need a whip, but since whips are verboten at preschool, I was spared having to find a jump rope to sacrifice to the costume gods.

I was thinking, though, about my favorite scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark. You know the one – where Indy faces a scary samurai, blade swinging, and then pulls out his pistol and shoots him. I heard that was an improve. Gosh, I hope it was.

Well, this little guy didn’t get the memo that samurai swords are outmoded. Also, he’s dressed as a ninja. In fact, if you’ll look in the eye of his t-shirt skull, you’ll see this nap time ninja prefers to shop at Target. You could say that the target dog is the apple of his eye.

boy asleep in costume

Be prepared to fight off any nap disturbance.

Ba dum DUM!

This is not the first time we have mixed napping with martial arts. I am beginning to think it’s necessary to ensure the survival of a truly valuable ancient art: SLEEPING.

May you have all treats and no tricks.


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