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Guest Napper #77 – All Cooped Up

What the heck, Mother Nature? Just when we had come to terms with having, like, NO WINTER, and gotten the water table out and planted the basil…well…this is basically unacceptable. Paige shared this photo of her son and her husband. I’m not sure what her husband thinks about being banished indoors back to the couch, …

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Guest Napper #75 – Sunny Snoozin’

I’m a tad bit afraid that┬áMel‘s little girl is having dreams about global warming, ┬ábecause this is some seriously nutty weather we’re getting. Unlike William, who likes to spend these days napping under the grill cover, this lazy lass has managed to plant herself in a place of proper appreciation of (and protection from) the …

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child napping on couch


I’m a little frustrated. I mean, I should have another month to use up these cozy, wintry, baby bear naps. Instead, the Cherry Blossom Festival is on fast-forward and everyone is begging to play at the water table. What kind of weather is this, people???? Well, no day appears sunny enough to bring this cub …

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Guest Napper #74 – Undercovers

We all like to have sweet dreams, but Noah has taken extra precautions to ensure that his are especially amusing. Knock knock. Who’s there? Noah. Noah who? You didn’t Noah it was me taking that nap, did you? Ahhhh, I amuse myself. Really, I do. I’ll be here all week. But, seriously, folks. Because sleep …

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