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Guest Napper #91- Kamikaze Cushion

Shop ’til you drop just took on a whole new dimension. And why not? It’s Friday, after all. Cori Anne sent me this awesome picture of her son, who has scored just about the most comfortable cart a store can offer. When I saw it, the super dork in me thought how much Cori Anne …

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Behind Bars

Friday is such a special time of the week, right? You’re dragging your sorry backside across the finish line, but it feels good. Cormac didn’t make it, though. I came back from my workout to find that Cormac had decided to have an early nap on the floor of the childcare room at the gym. …

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Guest Napper #90 – Flexible Flop

You know when you wake up and you just feel like you slept at a strange angle? Or perhaps that you were trying to do a “bboy” style shoulder spin in your sleep? Nah, me neither. Bethany saw her daughter sleeping like this and had to decide if she should wake her or let her …

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child asleep on sidewalk

Sidewalk Snooze

I don’t often get a nap quite this good. I love that he brought his scooter over there with him and then just conked out. Of course I sat outside with him, and it was a pretty long wait – even when the neighbor came home with her two girls. We were all totally amazed, …

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