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Guest Napper #145: Conked Out on Cooler

So, my tulips are coming up. I stand and scream at them, “Go back under the sheltering soil, you numbskulls!” But tulips are not the smartest of the flowers (I bet you didn’t know that?) and they persist in pushing their optimistic little leaves toward the warm sun. Too bad we’re getting another cold snap …

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Guest Napper #144: Tasty Teether

So, I’m on my fourth week of Weight Watchers and for some reason (gee, I can’t imagine?) I was drawn to this nap photo. I must say, that teething ring is looking pretty darn tasty right now. I mean, it’s probably really low in carbs. Excuse me while I sleep off this mid-morning snack attack.

Guest Napper #143: Beach Bum

I have been moaning on Facebook recently about the fact that we have had the most depressing winter weather, evahhhh. Gray. Wet. Gray. Gloomy. Gray… I love winter, but I’m sick of THIS winter. And I feel like this. Anyone with me? Dreaming of a sweet, sandy snooze right about now? Oh, yeah. Back to …

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Guest Napper #142: Soporific Sandwich

This picture really resonates with me as I finish my first week back on Weight Watchers. Because I am in the zone, people, and no PB&J is gonna break-a my stride! Oh, you can take most of the crust off. You can cut it into wee, tempting little bite sized pieces. But I know in …

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