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Guest Napper #137: Fractured Fairytale

“Light the oven, the witch said to Gretel…” We’re going to have roast dolls and stuffed animals today. “I’m not sure if the oven is hot enough!” Gretel replied. “Let’s take a nap for awhile and wait for it to warm up!” It looks like Ben may have been channeling one of the world’s most …

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Guest Nappers #127 and #128: Sleepy Sidewalks of New York

If you’re not already reading Mommy Shorts at her blog and following her on Instagram, you should be. I give you Exhibit A…and also Exhibit B. No, these two little pals are not giggling and making faces at each other. They are out cold. Apparently, Mazzy and Lucas had a pretty emotionally exhausting day.  After a long …

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