Guest Napper #48

So I heard about this guy somewhere who has been camped out in front of Best Buy for days already, wanting to be first in line on Black Friday. Sort of like Occupy Big Box, I guess.

My friend Rachel caught her daughter Sarah in a nap that makes me think of him, although I suspect she is a far more sensible person…albeit a preschooler. Apparently, she is occupying Rachel’s family room, but it looks for all the world like she’s resting up to spring into Target on November 26th.

Gearing up for the big opening?

Note that Sarah is wise enough to hydrate, as well. That should give her the edge when she’s waiting in a huge line at the checkout for two hours.

Personally, I like William’s plan to buy everything online. He has been camped out under my desk so he can be first to the keyboard.

Whatever your method of shopping will be a week from today, may you meet with many bargains.



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