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Guest Napper #48

So I heard about this guy somewhere who has been camped out in front of Best Buy for days already, wanting to be first in line on Black Friday. Sort of like Occupy Big Box, I guess. My friend Rachel caught her daughter Sarah in a nap that makes me think of him, although I …

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Guest Napper #33 – S’more Snore

As we exhausted parents drag ourselves across the Labor Day finish line, let us not forget those special summer memories we’ve created for our children!  For example, is there a more wholesome family pursuit than a camping trip? Avery’s family endeavored to teach her about the great outdoors this season, but it appears that they …

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Roughing It Respite

Cormac takes after me in just about every way…but not this one.  I hate camping. Of course, maybe if I’d been able to camp in the comfort of my own home, while snoozing with my blankie, things could have been different. I’m already calling it.  Dan does cub scouts.  (finger on side of nose)