Comfort Food

Speaking of grilled cheese…evidence is mounting that it has a strong soporific effect.

That sandwich was a knockout!

Contrary to his spicy attire, Cormac is feeling extremely laid-back after, apparently, eating all but the crusts of his sandwich and then arranging them in some kind of modern art installation on his Easter egg plate.

Now, my boys aren’t even twins, and they seem to have some kind of telepathy going on. Little did Cormac know, his brother had done something extremely similar in the basement.

We do steam the couch, often, just so you know.

I am not as impressed with William’s crust-arranging skills, but he is truly the superior performer on the Xbox.

I think Celestial Seasonings should make a bedtime grilled cheese tea. It seems to be effective. That would be gross, though, wouldn’t it?

Insomnia be damned!

8 Replies to “Comfort Food”

  1. You should show them the first picture and be like, “Cormac used a plate, sparing me the crumbs, ergo I love him more.” This is akin to what my mom did with me and my sister re: hanging up bath towels. And it seemed to have worked. I’m only a little weird, and my sister and I only a little hate each other.


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