Scary Snooze!

So I hear there’s a wee rainstorm headed my way.

Among my fears (because I’m your typical Nervous Nellie) are the concern that my kids will not get to trick or treat this year, and the suspicion that I’ll be losing my electricity for days, and won’t be able to post a Halloween Nap.

Yes, that needs to be capitalized.

A stitch in time saves nine, I always say. So I’ve collected the best costumed naps I’ve featured on Naps Happen over the years. I hope you get a smile from these adorable babes, just as I did.

Any little girl can be a princess for Halloween, but how about a Queen Bee?

Jane: accepts Honey Bits.

On the other hand, if princesses are more your style, why not be a Honey Maid?

Not sure if she’s Snow White or Goldilocks. Someone has been sitting in my chair!

My spidey sense tells me there will be lots of superheroes this year.

I love a learned man.


Even the littlest guys get in on the action…until they’ve got no action left.

Trapped in a web of cotton candy. Exhausted by effort to escape.

And then some kids just go with a great mask



Whatever your costume may be, we at Naps Happen wish your family the happiest of Halloweens and the spookiest of snoozes!



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