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Guest Napper #119 – Pooped by Pageantry

When I see how this little guy collapsed so near to this cabinet of pageant beauties, I wonder if these dolled-up runway creatures are not modern-day sirens…forcing us all to crash upon the rocks like the doomed sailors of olde. Watch out, Honey Boo Boo fans. Ronan was no match for the glitter. ¬†You may …

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Guest Napper #118 – Incompletely Inked

With the onset of half-day school for my kids, I have also seen an increase in the number of dead-asleep-colored-too-many-alphabets-today naps. Molly may be suffering from one too many trips to the library. It looks like she’s sitting at Mom’s desk, too. Has she been overdoing those educational computer activities? Who can say… You may …

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Guest Napper #117: All TIREd Out

child asleep in tire swing

As school begins again, Kimberly has to admit that she may have taken her kids to the park one too many times this summer. I think I’d better stop before I come up with another pun. Happy back-to-school to all!

Guest Nappers #115 and #116 and Guy Who Is Awake

As you plunge into the seething tide of automobile-encased humanity on this fine Friday-before-Labor-Day-Weekend, I give you this retro nap submitted by a reader. There’s nothing I DON’T like about this scene. First of all, it reminds me of my many cross-country drives with my folks in the eighties, as my brother and I clawed …

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