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Guest Napper #163: Sandbox Snooze

If only, as parents, we could find the park so very relaxing. Julie from I Like Beer and Babies¬†¬†sent me this very gritty-looking nap. Apparently, her daughter was so exhausted from outdoor activity that she crashed out in the pea gravel. Yeah, see, that’s no sandy beach, people. I guess, as a parent, there have …

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child asleep on dog

Guest Napper #162: Bark-A-Lounger

You know how you hate it when the kids take over your favorite chair?   …and then you just die of cuteness. Let’s hear it for dogs and their kids. Happy Fourth of July week!

child asleep in wagon

Guest Napper #161: Rollin’ and Restin’

All you need to do is look at this comfy little guy and you feel the summer upon you. Who needs a red plastic wagon when you can pilot this little beauty? Sometimes, it’s the simple things that make life good: a sunny day, some cool shades, and a sweet ride. Just make sure you …

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Child in hamper

Guest Napper #160: Dirty Laundry

This weekend, my kids broke their pop-up hamper. How? Walking around with it on their heads. Why do children like to put hampers on their heads? In the words of the venerable Dr. Seuss, “I do not know, go ask your Pop!” Just don’t ask the poor pop-up hamper. In fact, be very quiet and …

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