Guest Napper #171: Counternaptuitive

Some people like sleeping in soft places.

Some people like to be awake while baking red velvet brownies. Or baking at all.

Not this girl.

child sleeping on counter

Dreaming of cake?

Although napping in the middle of baking may result in you burning your cupcakes, there’s an even more terrible cost.

SOMEONE ELSE MAY LICK THE BEATERS.  I have seen it, myself.

Perhaps she doesn’t care for sweets, though. Let them eat cake…she is thinking. Naps are better.


Guest Napper #170: Smelly Snooze

We all know that one of the drawbacks to the start of school is the difficulty of getting out the door in the  morning.

Perhaps this guy knows better than anyone. Okay, well, maybe he’s too young for school.

child asleep on shoes

He looks a bit like Cinderfella, doesn’t he? 

Sometimes those busy Fall schedules can be kind of stinky, though. Especially if you decide to nap on a pile of shoes.

So don’t nap on a pile of shoes. You don’t need school for that kind of wisdom.

Guest Napper #169: Hair in Your Face?

Last week, as I was pushing my way through Target, finding hook after empty hook where TICONDEROGA #2 PENCILS and PACK OF 30 GLUE STICKS used to be (sob) I think I would have liked to follow this girl’s example.

Did you get your vision checked at your school physical? Everything looks dark...

Did you get your vision checked at your school physical? Everything looks dark…

Apparently, this saintly guy let the kid ride around on his shoulders like this for an hour, blocking his vision with her curtain of hair.

On the other hand, this is yet another way to avoid buying too many things at the big box stores, so huzzah!

The next time you are having the “Fiskars-style scissors” blues, just grab 40 winks in the school supplies aisle. You’ll feel better.


Guest Napper #168: Shabby Chic Sling

Sometimes, a wee one just isn’t ready to quit being the baby of the family!

Sarah sent me this adorable picture of her daughter, who slipped quietly away and found herself a comforting reminder of her days in the sling.

Soooo comfy.

Soooo comfy.

Shabby snoozing is chic again.