A Fond Farewell to Summer

grillWhat better way to shed a tear for summer’s passing than to indulge in a reverent slumber underneath the grill?  William assures me that one awakens refreshed and dreaming of Bratwurst.  Puppy, too.



Take your child to work day: Coding Rocks

Take your child to work day: Coding Rocks

I have often had the desire to nod off at my computer, but at least I wait until I get to work.  Apparently, just watching his father code is exhausting enough.  No personal exertion was required.  I feel the same way, buddy.

Sweet Sunday Snooze

This is certainly not William’s most ludicrous or uncomfortable nap, although the upright lean in the chair is not your average comfy position.  But it was such a sweet little snooze that I thought it was entirely appropriate for a lazy Sunday.  I promise a more awkward nap to spice up Monday.

Mad for Plaid

Bunny attempts to hide the fashion “fail”

As those first crisp October days dawn, demanding that we delightedly dust off our cozy cold-weather clothes, it is important to review fashion rules about mixing plaids…or not mixing them.  Blue Puppy was too busy catching drool to help out with the fashion faux pas here, but Bunny tried desperately to cover the evidence of bad plaid.