Boogie Nights

DJ William

My overall impression here is that William was like a DJ – playing the keyboard, spinning the gears and also operating that creepy little chiming-flower toy…all while destroying his racetrack in the background.  And then it became too much for him and he wrapped himself up like a burrito (instead of eating a late-night one at a food cart) and conked out.  I especially like the sympathetic expression on the purple flower.

It reminds me of how I started to feel about late night clubbing in New York by roughly 2002.  He’s getting old.  The puppies are old, too.

Eazzzzzy Rider

One of the most romantic things my husband ever did was secretly sell his motorcycle to fund my engagement ring.  Well…mostly.  The other part of the ring was funded by secret lottery winnings, which I only discovered during tax time when it showed up under “gambling.”  You can imagine my temporary distress!  But it all came out in the end.

I must say, however, that I do not wish my husband to ride a motorcycle again, nor do I think my sons should do it.  This is a perfect example of what happens when you recklessly motor your plastic Ducati over a stray pipecleaner.  You end up napping on the floor, people, and what kind of crazy person does that?

kid asleep near ducati


Need a vacation from your vacation?

Weekend Warrior

We all know that feeling.  The weekend is supposed to refresh, but we meet Monday feeling drained by chores, sports activities, and socializing.  I see evidence of the sports here…and perhaps the socializing (poor bunny) but where is the chore part?

Guest Napper #2

It’s a genuine pleasure to be one of the first to share this future Olympian of the Napping Games with you.

Leah at Chapter Four was generous enough to mail me this pair of inspiring snoozes.  My favorite is the first one, in which this child apparently started the nap on the other side of his sister.

Naps Travel

As an expert napalyzer, I can’t help but notice extra-awesome details like the drool on the couch and the desperate chicken (duck?) who appears to be buried nearby under a pillow.  You can’t escape the feeling that something very dramatic happened here while Mom was gone.  Was he trying to save the bird and ended up overcome by exhaustion?

Like one super nap wasn’t enough, Leah also shared this one, which reminds me of many of William’s “incidents.”

Conquered By the Rat Race

It seems this boy was shopping at MOMA, came home, and collapsed upon seeing tomorrow’s schedule in his planner.

Should we wake him for his meeting?


Do you think the people at his 8 am conference will notice the spiral mark on his face?

Thanks, Leah!