A Winning Strategy

Weekend Warrior

William definitely doesn’t let napping interrupt his enjoyment of sports and exercise.  Perhaps he’s playing dodgeball in his dreams.  Or…I guess that would be a nightmare.


One Big Headache

Just a soft place to rest my head...

Awwww, so the kid curled up with his puppies on the floor of his room and he even has a blanket.  It’s really almost like a bed, right?  What’s the big deal?

The angle is everything here, though…

"I feel like there's a hammer on my head!"

and if sleeping with your head on a hammering pegboard doesn’t give you a headache, it’s certain, at very least, to give you a massive crick in the neck!


Now use head for something other than target.

-Mr. Miyagi

See No Evil…

Head down...

I certainly felt like this at 5:30am when the alarm clock went off.  The nice thing about being three-years-old is that you get to stay this way.  No five minute snooze disappointment.  No coffee fetching.  Just as much sleep as you want.  Lucky dog(s).

It’s nearly Friday!

Let’s Play the “Glad Game”

Taking refuge from the day...

Everyone has that day of the week they just dread.  For me, it happens to be Wednesday.  I almost didn’t have time to do a nap post at all (crammed in among the dentist, the flu shot, the child swimming lesson, the other appointment, and my class tonight) but here it is!  I’m sure this will be me by 11pm tonight…when I finally get home.

As Pollyanna might say, “I’m glad, because it’s a whole week until Wednesday comes ’round again!”