Stairway to Heaven

One day, I heard William’s talking Little Einstein doll get stuck on repeat, and I knew that a nap was happening.  What I didn’t anticipate was the excellent location.


A real cliffhanger...


Please spare me the shock that I allowed my son to sleep on the steps.  I immediately went to the bottom and piled couch cushions on the floor in case of a mid-dream upset.

Then I callously took this picture of the trapped doll.


Help! Help!


…who was basically screaming in William’s ear, to no avail.

I left William to his snoozes.  A little while later, the doll gave up the ghost.  I looked again and saw William sitting up on the bottom step, looking bleary-eyed.

I walked away.

A few moments later, I saw this:


Second Wind


He slept peacefully for hours.  So, finally, did the doll.

Unnatural Disaster


It's not as bad as it looks...


I know – it looks like something exploded in our house, throwing William, senseless, on top of Bunny.  Not so, obviously.  He just exhausted himself moving couch cushions and rudely collapsed on one of his best friends again.  Poor Bunny.  Always breaking the fall of the ungrateful boy.  If you look closely, you can see Blue Puppy sprawled under the wreckage.

Autumn Squash

Don’t Squash Your Friends

I didn’t have any pictures of the little guy napping among pumpkins, so I found one of him with a squash…of the Blue Puppy variety.  Blue Puppy squash is very popular around here – in every season.

No Fair Weather Fans Here


child asleep with fans

Living  about 2 miles from Redskins training camp, you see a lot of dogged fans.  They persevere.  They remain ever-hopeful.

Our boy loves fans…of the mechanical kind.  Here you see how he fell asleep in front of his brother’s nursery box fan, with the remotes of the two children’s ceiling fans arrayed carefully in front of him.  Being such a dedicated fan can be really exhausting.

I mean, really, do you have this many remotes?

Ask Virginia.  Happy football watching!