Roughing It Respite

Cormac takes after me in just about every way…but not this one.  I hate camping.

Tent too small?
Tent too small?

Of course, maybe if I’d been able to camp in the comfort of my own home, while snoozing with my blankie, things could have been different.

I’m already calling it.  Dan does cub scouts.  (finger on side of nose)

3 Replies to “Roughing It Respite”

  1. I HATED girl scout camp. What a friggin nightmare. I remember being so disgusted by the outhouses and the counselors told us everyone had to use them. Then a couple days later at the pool, I got lost in the building looking for someone – and stumbled upon REAL BATHROOMS. Stupid lying counselors. And I wrote my mom sad letters and asked her to come get me. And when she called the camp the director lied and said I was having fun. Can you tell I am still traumatized by this?

    1. That must be a girl scout party line, because my parents called to check on me after my pathetic letter and were told the same thing. I was part of this tent where the other girls picked on me from day one and were also noisy after bedtime, so we had to get up in our pajamas several nights and clean the latrines. Horrid.

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