Guest Napper #33 – S’more Snore

As we exhausted parents drag ourselves across the Labor Day finish line, let us not forget those special summer memories we’ve created for our children!  For example, is there a more wholesome family pursuit than a camping trip?

Sleeping Under the...Sun?

Avery’s family endeavored to teach her about the great outdoors this season, but it appears that they need to pump up the excitement level a little.  Perhaps introduce some snores s’mores?

Camping in Style

I think Oprah (did you see her camping trip to Yellowstone?) would appreciate Avery’s roughing-it style, though.  Why not be the pink of perfection, even as you commune with nature?  And why not share this special experience with your binky? A girl’s gotta have her stuff with her.

Conserving Energy

Don’t be fooled.  This one will be the last to stop telling ghost stories tonight around the campfire.

Goodbye to another sleepy summer!


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